This varies depending on the size and color of the rose. On average, one rose will produce anywhere from 8 - 12 beads. The Rosary has the most beads, so we ask for 7 roses to allow for customization. The Rosary bracelet and single decade Rosary will use approximately 2 and all other designs will use only one rose. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SEND AS MANY ROSES AS POSSIBLE. WE WILL STORE THE UNUSED ROSES IN YOUR NAME FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USAGE IN THE FUTURE.
The Bead Cap is the base metal filigree covering that surrounds the rose. We offer this as an option at no additional charge. Samples are shown in the Designs section by clicking on the thumbnail image of the Silver Rosary.
DO NOT PUT THEM IN PLASTIC. We don't need your roses fresh, however, we can't use roses that have molded. So, once you bring them home, if they have been removed from the stems by your funeral director, keep them in a paper bag in a cool place until you can make arrangements to ship them or make an appt. to deliver them to our workshop. We don't advise keeping them in your refrigerator for more than 2 weeks. If they are still in the original arrangement, you may enjoy them as long as you like. All that will happen is they will begin to droop and wilt, which is fine. Once they get to that point, you may ship them or make an appt. to deliver them to us.
#1 - If you know what you want, you can send the rose petals (no stems) in a box or padded envelope layered in newspaper or tissue. Print the order form and send with your check to Marian Memories LLC , 1600 Garfield Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506.
#2 - If you don't know what you want yet, you can send the rose petals (no stems) the same way as above without payment. We will gladly preserve your roses until you have made a decision. Either way, once we receive your package, we will give you a courtesy call to let you know they have arrived safely.
It takes a minimum of 12 weeks from the time we receive your roses AND your paid order. Once we have your paid order, we will begin to ferment your roses; then they are rolled out by hand, then they have to dry. They are then crafted by us into your own Marian Memory. We will call you when your Marian Memories are ready to be picked up or ready to be shipped to you. We also offer beautiful gift cards if you wish to let someone know you are having a Marian Memory custom designed for them.
NO. The beads are made entirely from your roses, so they are water soluble. DO NOT GET THEM WET.
All true rose petal beads will turn black. This is because as they ferment, the color will darken, regardless of the color of the roses. The fermenting process is what allows the bead to take its shape and harden.
Marian Memories proudly honors and adheres to the original process handed down by untold generations from the ancient Christian past. It truly is Your Rose Petal Bead created from Your Roses. However your bead may have a slight rose scent initially.
At your request we can supplement with other roses that have been given to us for this very purpose or we can alternate with fire polished faceted beads, reducing the number of roses needed in half. Samples of this are shown in our design section.
The only flower that will ferment and harden is the rose. However, we are happy to use any type of flower you have by snipping a portion of it and inserting it into rose petal mixture that we can provide for you. So, the inside of the bead would contain your flower with the outer layer hardened around it would be the rose.
No. We try to keep our costs down as much as we can. Please make your personal check payable to Marian Memories LLC.
You are always welcome to leave your roses, order form and payment on our drop off table anytime, day or night, 7 days per week. For your convenience, it is located on our front porch and is continually monitored.
At your request we would be happy to give you a very easy to read Instructional Pamphlet.