How to Submit Your Roses

Approximately 7 roses are needed to make one Rosary. Most other designs require only 1 to 2 roses. One rose yields approximately 8 to 12 beads. To prepare the roses to either ship to us or deliver to us, please cut stems from roses, place the rose heads in a paper bag and keep in refrigerator. They will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. If they begin to wilt, they can still be used. Do not put them in plastic, as this will promote mold.

ROSES MAY BE FRESH OR DRIED. If your roses are already dried, simply remove the stems and follow the instructions below to ship or deliver your roses. If you have the roses in their original arrangement, you may enjoy them as long as you want. Once they begin to droop and wilt, you may then remove the stems from the roses and follow the instructions below.

TO SHIP YOUR ROSES TO US: The rose heads may be shipped in a box, layered with newspaper, with your order form and check. No credit/debit cards accepted. You may send your roses via USPS or your preferred shipping method. We will contact you as soon as we receive your roses. Please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for completion. If you prefer to phone in your order, please call us at 630-896-4986. We will keep your order pending until we receive your roses and payment.

TO DELIVER YOUR ROSES TO US: You are always welcome to leave your roses, order form and payment on our drop off table anytime, day or night, 7 days per week. For your convenience, it is located on our front porch and is continually monitored.

ALL ROSE PETAL BEADS WILL BE BLACK, due to the fermentation process, regardless of the color of the roses used. This is because no artificial ingredients are added. This is the original process passed down through the ages. Rose Petal Beads are water soluble. Please do not get them wet. Payment is required to begin the process, which takes a minimum of 12 weeks. Please call with questions. All parts are base metal, unless otherwise stated. Sterling Silver bead caps are available upon request at $6 per rose petal bead.

If you would like to receive a simple guide on how to Pray the Rosary, please be sure to inquire at the time of your order. We would be happy to provide you with an instructional pamphlet.